I'm a Recommendation in New York

I've spent the last month roaming other people's rec pages and I'm afraid it shows... Not everything here are picked up from other pages, though. ...Just the majority...

I like amnesia stories. Probably because I've never read a truly awful one (I thank my lucky star each day, I swear). Anyway, in this one Methos gets amnesia. It's both angsty AND funny: Brothers and other strangers by Valentin

Fly on the Wall by Lezlie Conch is just plain hilarious. Couldn't help but feel sorry for poor Doyle though. ::evil grin:: The somewhat shorter SW: TPM story called The Tables Turned by Lilith Sedai is also great fun, as is Jedi At the Gate by Chat Noir. (Sidenote: Didja know that Chat Noir is the name of a theatre in Norway?)

The Parting Glass by Kat Allison is in no way amusing, but it is a very well written story which themes that are perhaps closer to me as a European than it is to most Americans.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes by Halrloprillalar is a Skinner/Mulder story and I actually read it. Not only that, I enjoyed it. Before you know it, I'll be reading Kirk/Spock...

Oh god. Another Skinner/Mulder story... As if me reading Krycek/Mulder wasn't bad enough! The Threat of Other Chicks by Ethan Nelson. You'll laugh. I did.

The Truth Will Come Out by Manna LaDroit is yet another fun story. Seeing as in my opinion the RealRay (tm) is Vecchio (lots of reasons for that, the main one being that I've never seen an episode with the poser (aka Kowalski)), this is naturally a Vecchio/Fraser story.

I adore the Mooks and I love Alicia MacKenzie's writing. Is it any wonder that I have A Crazy Kinda Way To Spend The Afternoon terribly high on my favorite fanfiction list?

I have something I have to tell you... I've actually read a Starsky & Hutch story. Which, I admit, might not sound like a big deal, but you see, I've been telling myself that I really, really, really ought to stop reading fanfic about shows I've never seen. That, obviously, haven't worked so far... Anyway, the story I read is called Total Eclipse of the Heart by Flamingo and you can find it here: S/H Archive (scroll down almost to the end) It's a very long story, filled with all the things a good slash story ought to be filled with including great characterizations (whether or not they're accurate, I wouldn't know) and it took me three days to read through it all. It's been a while since that happened.

Not fanfiction, but related so read it anyway:
Ten Little Peeves by Sandy and Zeus doesn't approve of our relationship by Randi DuMois.

Visite The Less Than Legendary Journeys and read everything they've got. I mean it. Everything.