The X-Edition vol. 1

The X-Men was my first fandom and I'm still loyal to it. ::grins:: Still haven't read all there is of the stories (it's a lot bigger than you might think), but here's a bunch of my favorites. Enjoy and remember to feedback the authors. Makes 'em happy, y'know?

Now, Devil's Due by Laersyn is one of the classic X-Men tales. It's also the only fanfic I've read which deserves the NC-17 label for violence rather than sex. Read it if you don't mind violence. And a lot of it. Oh what the hell... Why don't you just read the whole set?

Kaylee's The Mooks series is more for those of you who're fond of good writing, humor, an author who can't write a PWP without dragging in a plot ::grins:: and slash. The latest story (chronologically speaking) is still a Work-In-Progress, but... Read it anyway.

Back to the classics again. Alicia MacKenzie (who, in my IMNSHO ought to be writing for Marvel. They'd get a sudden jump in quality, and, no doubt, readership is she did) is the Cable writer. She's written a whole bunch of Cable stories, all of them good, but my favorites are her Six Pack stories; First Dance, Friendly Fire and Truth in Tequila.

...I almost forgot! My very favorite of Alicia's stories is a story called Icons. It's set somewhere in the thirty-second century and packs quite a punch. ::pauses:: I can't help myself! I must recommend The Shi'ar Coffee Song too. Cable sings in it.

Like Alicia MacKenzie is the Cable writer, Luba Kmetyk is the Pryde and Wisdom writer. She is, in fact, the reason I'm a rabid Wisdom-fangirl. ::grins:: But, be ware you innocent slashfan, she writer Het fic. Naturally, I might add, seeing as Pryde is female and Wisdom is male... Any-ho, these are my favorites: You Can't Go Home Again, Close Encounters of the Lethal Kind and Skeletons in the Closet of Memories [WIP].

Drawn to the Lodestone Rock by Dandelion is a friendship story. It's funny and it's got some lines you're never going to forget. Before I read this one I never suspected that Magneto might have a sense of humor... [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8]

Gambit's Cat-astrophe by Jacque Koh is one of my old favorites. As the title might imply, in this one Gambit gets turned into a cat. A T-B-M-C to be more correct. And he's not very happy about it. (There's also a sequel in progress.)

And now for something else, a new story! Yes, that's right, I'm finally recommending something that's not yet a classic! It's a story called Bodies of Water by JB McDonald, and since I havent't found it archived anywhere (why not for cryin' out loud?) mail JB and ask her to send it to you. ::shrugs:: Worth a try. It's mooky slash with an unusual couple; Bobby Drake and Jamie Maddox. There isn't a thing in that story I don't like.

Update: Whoho! Yay for Kaylee and Mooksville! Bodies of Water is now up at Mooksville. Go READ for Christ's sake!

I'd also like to recommend two more stories by JB. They're both a part of the Growing Up A Superhero series, but they stand very well on they own. One of Those Days is about a young Pete Wisdom explaining to a judge how... Well, just read it. ::snickers:: A Different Type of Surprise, Or, "Gay" Doesn't Always Mean Happy, Dummy. is kind of about Kurt, but not really. I like it.

There are two Bobby&Hank friendship stories that are my absolute favorites. Both of them deal with serious topics, but one is decidingly darker than the other. FIRST, DO NOT HARM by Poi Lass is a story written in a fashion not many people can do well. Poi Lass can. Read it. Shoot Me by Mercutio deals with depression and suicide. It's a good story, but like I said, it's pretty dark.

After such depressing stories, I figure you need something to light you up, thus two stories by Dyce. A Cable-poem called Stars in my Coffee which is one of the very few fanfic poems I actually like, and a humorous story called Dispensing the Shopping which all Scott-haters should be forced to read. ::grins:: Those of you who think Scott doesn't have a sense of humor is going to be thoroughly surprised by this one.

I have a thing for Subreality stories. They're just so... So... Well, I like them. There's a lot of them out there, go check them out for yourself. In the mean while, here are two of my favorite stories (both by Paradogz): Paradoqz Does Subreality and When The Road Beckons. I've got a thing for Pop. ::grins merrily::

Who Dares Wins by Samy Merchi is another new story (I can remember it arriving in my mailbox by OTL so it can't be that old) which totally blew me away. In short, the Hellfire Club's Inner Cirle doesn't know what's going to hit them. And Emma Frost is in it. [part 2] [part 3] [part 4]

A long time ago when I first started reading X-Men fanfiction, I stumbled over a story called X-Mentals by Matt Nute. It was love at first sight, I swear. It's dark and violent and you just know there's no way this can end happily.

Read this one out loud: Not Here by Poi Lass. There's just something about this one...

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