Let's Play!

And we begin this edition of the recommendations with Flashpoint by Manna LaDroit. Its a Due South story featuring Fraser/Vecchio. Vecchio's got amnesia. It's a funny and touching story.

Next up we've got Love Reign Over Me by Varoneeka and Ruth Gifford which is... Delicious. Truly delicious. I'm partial to the last 1/3 of the story, but it's all good.

Resurrection by Amirin is a strange tale, really, but there's something about it that makes me interested in it. It's the relationship between Chakotay and Paris, I think.

This story has an odd pairing, Ayala/Paris, but... ::frowns:: I like it. It's called Prisms by Athea. It's sweet and, well, kind of mushy. Really mushy. ::smiles:: And from Ayala's point of view which makes it kind of interesting. [part 2] [part 3] [part 4]

Adam's Rib by Agnes Joseph is a Quantum Leap/Highlander crossover. I always did like Al and Sam, and combined with Methos and Duncan, this story is irressistible.

I just got The Authority: Relentless and I'm already a rabid fan. Go buy it immidiately! In the mean time, you can read Star Trek: Authority by DuAnn Cowart which is hilarious, and contains paragraphs such as:

Welcome to the Jungle by Jennifer Lyon is a story you're not soon going to forget. I know I didn't. It's Bodie and Doyle seen through the eyes of a third party.

Hellblazer: Royal Flush by Helen Braitwaite is written in script form, which is a bit... Well, it takes a bit of consentraition to get into it, but once you do it's... Great. Just bloody great! ::grins:: Constantine turns into a female. He's not happy about it, but all his friends are.

After having read Crossing Paths by Ruth Devero and found that I liked it, I give up. I cannot go around claiming I can't stand crossovers when there's a story out there that makes me like E.R. And trust me, that's something I thought no one could ever do. (I'm rather fond of Chicago Hope, though, for some odd reason) In this story, Ray Vecchio meets Doug Ross. And what a meeting it is...

::breaks down laughing:: Read this: Quentin's Monologue from 'Sleep With Me'. It really doesn't get any better... (Thanks to Maelie for mailing it to me)

Oh... !Super Cat... The only one who's actually really made me like Chakotay/Paris. Usually I've found that I might like the story itself, but I won't be all that happy about the characterizations. With !Super Cat that is not a problem. Her Chakotay and Paris are Real People with Actual Personalities and, wait for it, they're intriguing. I want to know more about them. I can't really choose a favorite (how can I? It's all wonderful!) but if I have to, I must say I'm partial to A Questionable Profession. ::smiles:: This is a Tom I'd like to see more of.

Lost by Ladonna King is a truly amazing Highlander episode-AU. It made me smile in a 'all is well' kind of way, you know?