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Spring Recs 2003

switch - a comedy of terrors by RivkaT wherein Lex and Clark switch bodies, Clark still doesn't tell Lex the truth, Lex finds to his horror that Lana looks attractive, Clark-in-Lex's body gives little kids cookies and Lex discovers the dubious joy of x-ray vision.

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled by jenn. Superman decides to go human. His timing leaves a lot to be desired. Lots of things happen. Lois is fabulous. Lex is incredibly Lex. And the world's doomed. 400 kb of good, good writing.

Freshman Orientation by Punk. Clark tries to buy school books, Chloe's high with her girlfriends, Pete plays Mario, and Lex waits for Clark to be ready. Inbetween it all, there's hot sex to bed had.

Look and See by Livia. Superman and Clark, Lois and Chloe. Pete and Chloe, too. None so blind as he who will not see. *amused*

lord of the rings
If I Were Queen of the Forest by Halrloprillalar. *dies laughing* I can't remain coherent enough to explain it, so here's a quote:

    "Here," said Aragorn and laid his hand on Boromir, in a most intimate place. Boromir hated to admit it to himself, but he was suddenly feeling very manly indeed. "One more thing," Aragorn said and he leaned in close to speak in Boromir's ear. "She'll kill you if you don't."

    "Ah," said Boromir, and took off his clothes. After all, Aragorn wasn't so bad. Pretty manly, even. And maybe tomorrow he could find that elf woman again.

    Galadriel smiled and got out her sketchbook.

Bagenders by Lady Alyssa and Random Dent is the most hilarious fic featuring the fellowship ever. It's just too funny. Gandalf has a Smell, Legolas works for British Railways, Frodo alternates between psychotic episodes and cleaning the house in the nude, Aragorn has the ex from hell, and so on and so forth. And they all spend far too much time in the cupboard. Must be read to be believed.

For more LotR and LotR actor fic,
check out my recommendation archive: Pretty Boy Kittens.

harry potter
Two Worlds and In Between by Minerva McTabby is a WIP featuring almost only original characters, but it's written in a way that's utterly absorbing, and I keep checking every week to see if there's a new part there. If you don't like WIPs, I have to warn you. This will drive you insane, because once you're done with the parts that're there, you'll want more. Featured Tom Marvolo's grandfather and his gang, duels a plenty, fascinating teachers, more politicing than in the Sunking's court and Dumbledore and his little brother.

The Curious Vengeance of Draco Malfoy by Halrloprillalar. It's het, it's written for Valentine's day, and yet... It's utterly delightful. Short and funny. Draco and Cho. Go read.

the Lodger by Mad Martha wherein the famous Harry Potter takes a lodger because Hermione thinks he's spending too much time on his own. A very fascinating and good look at both Harry and Draco after the war. They're both in character and they both change during the story in a way that seems real to me. Another of the go read's. 250 kb long and worth every kb.

the Revenge of Lord Vodkamort by LizBee. Another I can't remain coherent long enough to explain, so I'll just quote you something:

    Quite a lot of people agree (and just as many disagree, but more on Professor Snape later) that saving the world is an admirable profession for a young man, and something that all should aspire to. And a fair number agree that, having saved the world, a young man of good fortune may settle down and enjoy a few drinks.

    This was all very well, thought Hermione, standing in the doorway to the lounge room and surveying the damage, but there was a difference between having a few celebratory pints down the pub, and going on a two year bender.

There should be more. It should be a series! Yes! A long series!

Flame and Shadow by Maya wherein Pansy Parkinson is absolutely nothing like Hermione and Pansy and Ron are absolutely not a couple. You can find it at http://www.restrictedsection.org, but you need a password and whatnot. *eyerolls* HP and LotR actors. Two fandoms I deeply don't get.

Divergence by Ana shows scenes of another road taken for all of the people aboard the firefly. What if..?