spring rec

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Spring Recs 2003 v. II

harry potter
thing by Cimorene and Wax Jism. Gah. *incomprehensive ramblings* This is... the story of Sirius coming to see Remus. And the story of Remus and Sirius at age fourteen at Hogwarts. It's long, and grand, and very much worth it.

the second coming by Lise and Kel is more the way I believe the meeting of Remus and Sirius really went. It's a story which packs a whole lot in 20 kb. Makes me think. Y'all know good Sirius/Remus is lacking, so read those I've recced, okay? Keep the faith, and whatnot. *grins* Theirloveissopure!


Oh, and read the rest of Lise's HP fic as well, yeah?

battlestar galactica
ambushed by a pair of green eyes by anne higgins. I don't know why, but the beginning of this story makes me think of Midnighter and Apollo from the Authority. It's mainly the reason I kept reading. Okay story, not challenging in any way, and possibly somewhat sappy, but quite okay.

The secret diaries of Dorian Red Gloria and Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach by Kadorienne. Kadorienne retells the first four issues of Eroica in 'secret diary' fashion, showing both Dorian's and Klaus' point of views. V. amusing.

never too late by tkb. Klaus and Dorian have managed to reach middle age without having sex, and while still working for NATO. During a recouperation after a mission goes slightly lopesided, the sex issue changes, and, well. I'm not really sure what to say about this story, but I do like it, you know. It tries to be angsty in some places, but it's really more just an schmoopy, fullfilling end to their little song and dance.

sports night/west wing
what kind of crossover has it been? by sary t equals Sascha going; "*snicker* *snicker* ...Ooops." Jed Bartlet is an old friend of Isaac Jaffe, so when Isaac turns 65, the president and fourteen of his people show up. neurosis abounds. Utterly hilarious.

the sentinel
I've probably recced this one before. But I figure, it's been a while since I saw Sentinel fic on the recs pages (mine, at any rate), and, I'm feeling nostalgic... Also, there are some similarities in the way people write Blair Sandburg and Chris Kirkpatrick. *pauses* Except Chris is generally crazier. ...Wow. Stray thought. And now I'm thinking; "Sentinel - nsync crossover? What a good idea!" *bangs head against desk* Vacation. Need. Vacation.

Wine, Women and Schlong by Brighid has Blair trying to find a thingy for the xerox machine, ending up hiding in the supply cabinet and finding out that unknown to him, he's in a committed relationship. Things escalates from that.