The OC: It's a woobie world


A Bruised Road by K. Ryan and Seth are driving to see Ryan's dad. Love the snatches of music, because it pays out in the end.

War Profit by MollyTM. “You *watch*, man,” Seth predicted the day before the unit was supposed to begin. “Something will go drastically, dreadfully wrong. I’m talking, like, Golden Apple selling out of 1602 before I get there wrong. Luke joining the Glee Club wrong. Episode Two wrong, even.”

Penguins do it, too by Shoshanna Gold. 'Do you really think people can meet the love of their life at sixteen?' Ryan/Seth.

Popsicle Day by SerialKarma. This was the first Popsicle Day since Ryan had come to live with them, and so far, Seth had learned several things. One was that splashing around in the pool was *way* more fun when there was someone splashing you back.Another was that Ryan, soaking wet and sucking on a cherry popsicle, was the most erotic thing Seth had seen, like, *ever*--and that included Summer in her bra.

Sex Ed by Lalejandra. “Seth, this was the easiest assignment ever. I said, ‘Get Ryan to have sex with us.’ Remember? Easy. Even Coop managed it once before she left.” Summer rolled onto her stomach, plumping her breasts into the deep V of her neckline.

The Secret Language of Blow Jobs by Lalejandra. Ryan put his hand over Seth’s and pushed Seth’s away. He glanced up; Seth was moving, laying on his stomach. He put his face next to Ryan’s. “Look,” he said. “The point of this is to make Luke come before he falls asleep, right? So do it properly, the way you’d want it done to you, right?”

Evil Superman, Lex Luthor, Sherlock Holmes, Wolverine, Jimmy, and Spock. by Lalejandra. Maybe Seth wasn't going to rename his boat the Ryan Breeze, but he could still look.

Shattered Glass, Broken Lungs, and Mascara Gets Washed Away by Lalejandra. Did Summer think that all boys were secretly gay, or only the ones who interacted with Ryan?

Survival Tools by Lalejandra. Ryan gen. And for the first time in his life, Ryan thought he was special.

Holiday Spirits: an 'I Never' Adventure by Miss Deviant. “I’ve never made out with Seth Cohen.” Summer laughs as she and Anna drink and Seth squirms uncomfortably.

Ryan surreptitiously raises his beer to his lips, escaping the notice of the two girls.

Sequel is: Truth or Dare by Lalejandra. Seth stared into Ryan’s eyes. Ryan lifted his hips a little, and slid down on the bed. Summer and Anna got off the bed; Summer moved to the corner on the other side of Marissa, and Anna sat on the floor and rested her elbows on the bed. Seth licked his lips. He wanted this. He did. He just hadn’t been expecting an audience. He never performed well in front of an audience. Even as a child giving his parents dance-and-song shows in the kitchen, he screwed up what he’d practiced perfectly alone. Seth Cohen was strictly a bathroom shower performer, and he. Well, he didn’t exactly like it that way, but having three girls -- who had all, he assumed, performed this task perfectly -- watch him do this for the first time was nerve-wracking to say the least.

Telegraph Avenue by Zahra. Seth/Ryan, Seth/OC. If Seth were going to be honest about it, which really didn’t happen that often because it was hard to convince other people when he didn’t believe himself, he’d always thought that his crush on Ryan was a one-person thing. Not that he’d thought he was the only person who had a crush on Ryan, more that he’d figured that apart from crushing on Ryan, he was completely straight. 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 * 7 * 8 * 9 *

Two Cripples Dancing by Zahra. Seth found himself strangely fascinated, but after several seconds he turned to find Ryan eying him curiously.

The pressure was just too much, and Seth blurted out his news like a haywire garbage disposal. “We had sex. Me and Anna. Anna and I. We had sex.” The words sounded foreign, even to him, and he repeated himself just to make sure he’d said it.

After his mouth had stopped spilling the family secrets, Seth eyed Ryan expectantly, waiting.

Kissing Seth Cohen by Zahra. If Seth bites his lip one more time while pretending that Pro Skater 4 really is so fascinating, Ryan is going to have a small aneurysm. He’s tried being patient, really, he has, but it’s not getting him anywhere, and if he keeps waiting for Seth they’ll be getting ready for the retirement home before Seth says anything.

House Rules by Ingrid. Seth settles back on the stool. His spoon waves in the air like a teacher's ruler. "Okay, you have someone over, right? If they stay for breakfast, it's no big deal. And if they stay for lunch, sure, it's a nice day, so you're hanging out and they're just leaving a little bit late. But, if they stay for dinner ... hey, you might have something going there," he says. He puts the spoon down and leans toward Ryan. "And on it goes, until they're there for the second lunch and then, that's it. They're staying." He nudges the jar a little bit closer, his smile as bright as the sun. "So if you take just one bite of that, you are officially a member of the household. Go ahead ... hurry up. So you can stay. Forever."

Superhero Hype by Molly. Ryan is leaning against the car casually, half smirking, one hand resting lightly on Seth's waist. Seth is standing slightly closer to him than straight guy boundaries allow, Anna's well aware of that, but he's not close enough that any suspicions would be raised. Guys sometimes touch each other, after all.

Casually by Ingrid. The pool house is lit only by night lights surrounding the deck. Ryan's exasperated by the lack of curtains or blinds or something to shield them from prying eyes, but to Seth this only makes it hotter.

And funnier, since he's gone from virgin to exhibitionist in five days flat.

House of Healing by Molly. After one semester at USC, Seth had learned two very important things about college. The first was that there was always, always a way to find free beer if you had enough determination. The second was the brutal fact that someone in the residence hall would always be awake and making lots of noise whenever you were trying to sleep. Always. No matter what time of the night it was. Or day, for that matter.

And the day after his last final was case en fucking point.

Go Lightly by Molly. Seth's voice is mature, an inflection she's rarely heard in her son's voice, but she can make out the tremor running beneath it. His fingers are laced through Ryan's as he speaks, and she can't take her eyes away from the easy, comfortable way they're holding onto each other. Ryan's grip is tight and his skin is paler than usual, but it doesn't change the fact that he looks very okay with the way Seth is touching him.

Nightcap by Sarah. A nightcap of sorts -- a coda for The Debut.

Divided by Joyfulgirl41. Seth has an epiphany.

Sequel is: United by Joyfulgirl41. Ryan figures things out.

Reassurance by Joyfulgirl41. Ryan has nightmares. Seth has a creaky floor board.

A Home for Guido by Joyfulgirl41. "I--thanks," Ryan said. "Nobody's ever given me a fish before."

Sequel is: Sometimes a Fish is Just a Fish by Joyfulgirl41. "Well, maybe he had a fish friend who wanted to live in the bowl with him. But then he made out with the fish and then sent him away and started making fins at the fish next-door." So, Seth hadn't really ever been that great with metaphors.

The Happiest Place on Earth by Zahra. Wherein Seth and Ryan aren't on a date, except, well.

Ryan and Seth by Vera. Kirsten's pov. Woobie!Ryan.

Porn When I want by Caro. Two straight guys watching porn. um. or not so much, maybe.

It's my party by Bone. Seth/Ryan. Ryan shows Seth what to do.