Corner People

    [Alex] [Izzy] [Rick] [Jana] [Mai Lee] [Ron] [Galynne]
    [Moric] [Montgomery] [Cassie] [Ellis] [Stace]

    Alex (manip by Hutch) Alex {Ivan Sergei}

    full name: Alexander Olsen
    age: 25
    mutant: Sees secrets when he touches people or objects
    comments: The main character and I person. Green-skinned mutie freak who works as a freelance graphic designer. Norwegian of origin, has a strange fondness for licorice and pineapple sodas, has never had a lisence, but it doesn't stop him from driving (most of the time).

    Izzy Izzy {Matt Damon}

    full name: Isabel Timothy Wesson
    age: 23
    mutant: No
    comments: Camera man who really loves his job and takes his camera everywhere. The hyperactive, bouncy part of the Iz-&-Rick duo. Has a tendency to jump first and think way, way later. Has a very intense sort of personality. Emotions like a rollercoaster - quick up, quick down and just as quickly back up again.

    Rick Rick {Ben Affleck}

    full name: Richard Oliver
    age: 26
    mutant: Able to detect and create small amounts of H2O
    comments: Record producer working for Sonic Entertainment who's having a sort of sabbatical year. When Moric's birthday party is, he has about two months left of it. The calmer part of the Iz-&-Rick duo. Tends to sing when he's drunk. Owns a heep of junk of a car which he loves fiercely and calls Martha for some odd reason.

    Jana Jana {Isla Fisher}

    full name: Jana Hero Kransen
    age: 15
    mutant: Animorph
    comments: Cute teenager with a butt long braid (mainly used by others to tug on), who's in deep denial over her own cuteness. Scary as all hell when she's all serene. Hates 'The Grinch', and has a tendency to turn into a bat and hide in the rafters.

    Moric Moric {Rufus Sewell}

    full name: Moric Potter
    age: 29
    mutant: No
    comments: He celebrates his 29th birthday at the Corner with a multitude of guests. Plots with Montgomery about something big that they're both very excited about. Research assistant at BioTech Corporation.

    Montgomery Montgomery {Steve Zahn}

    full name: Montgomery Diaz
    age: 27
    mutant: Lowlevel telepath
    comments: He writes an Ethan Rayne story for Alex. Is Ellis' brother. Plots with Montgomery about something big that they're both very excited about. Works for the DA.

    Ron Ron {Ewan MacGregor}

    full name: Ron Sölvquist
    age: 24
    mutant: no
    comments: He is an excellent fighter, especially with swords, but by profession he's a cook. He's Swedish, and he and Alex spends hours discussing the weather when they are bored. Has contacts at SÄPO.

    Mai Lee Mai Lee {Keiko Agena}

    full name: Mai Lee Tsei
    age: 22
    mutant: no
    comments: Mai Lee is an old friend of Alex and she was at the airport to welcome him when he moved to New York. She draws comicstrips for a local newspaper and studies Communication.

    Galynne Galynne {Jessica Alba}

    full name: Galynne Ichabod
    age: 20-ish
    mutant: She is basically half lynx, half woman. Has lynx ears, tail, whiskers and claws
    comments: She is the owner of Galynne's Paintball War Arena. Feral with a certain fondness for fights and gore-y deaths. Deeply dislikes Logan, and has a reputation to maintain. Excellent fighter. spinoff potential

    Cassie Cassie {Claire Forlani}

    full name: Cassiopeia Griesiniemi
    age: 25
    mutant: no
    comments: Very fond of blonds. Finnish by origin. Loves chocolate.

    Stace Stace {Minnie Driver}

    full name: Anastacia Fallon
    age: 26
    mutant: Hypnotic voice
    comments: She's the kind of person who considers bungee jumping and parachuting to be a fun sport. Works as a mechanic for Essex Racing in season, pilots small planes for various companies the rest of the time.

    Ellis Ellis {Owen Wilson}

    full name: Ellis Diaz
    age: 27
    mutant: no
    comments: Works for an Australian company who is planning to open a division in New York, he's their New York - Canberra liasion. Montgomery's brother and Stace's boyfriend. spinoff potential

    Xavier's School

    [John] [Remy] [Jake] [Bobby] [Kitty] [Jubilee] [Rahne] [Pete] [Liz] [Ali] [Warren] [Rogue] [Logan] [Ororo]

    John John {Aaron Stanford}

    full name: St. John Allerdyce
    age: 17
    mutant: Pyro
    comments: John isn't exactly the happiest man on campus. He's in love with Remy LeBeau whom he does have a sexual relationship with. He's jealous of Remy's girlfriend Ali who gets to kiss Remy in public. And he's worried about what his best friend and room mate, Bobby Drake, will think of him once/if he finds out that John in gay. He's a part of the Nice Gang at school which includes Bobby, Kitty, Jubilee and Rogue.

    Remy Remy {Ian Somerhalder}

    full name: Remy LeBeau
    age: 17
    mutant: Biokinetic
    comments: Remy is the adopted son of the New Orleans Thieves Guild master, Jean Luc LeBeau, and he's always known that one day he'd marry Belladonna Boudreaux of the Assassins Guild. He found it increasingly difficult to handle his powers and his father sent him to Xavier's so they could help him. At Xavier's he immidiatelly became a part of the Smog, and started dating Ali Blaire. Some time later he began a sexual relationship with John Allerdyce and fell in love with him. He cooks when he's angry, and he plays the piano and the keyboard in r u n a w a y. His best friend is Jake Gavin jr whom he hasn't seen in ages and keeps in contact with by e-mail.

    Jackie Jake {Katherine Moennig}

    full name: Jacob Gavin Jr aka Jackie
    age: 17
    mutant: complete control of his body's molecules
    comments: Old friend of Remy's, son of Jacob Gavin sr of Infonet International Incorporated.

    Bobby Bobby {Shawn Ashmore}

    full name: Robert Drake
    age: 18
    mutant: Icemaker
    comments: Bobby was one of the first to meet Alex (who immidiatelly named Bobby 'Pretty Blue Eyes'). He's John Allerdyce's best friend and room mate and he knows something is wrong, even if he's not sure exactly what it is. He is a prankster and all around nice guy. And he's got a crush on Rogue.

    Kitty Kitty {Katie Stuart}

    full name: Katherine Pryde
    age: 16
    mutant: Phasing
    comments: Kitty befriends the new internet guy (Alex) and thinks he's amusing. She once saw something behind the pavilion she's very sure she shouldn't have seen, and she's kept it a secret ever since. She has a crush on Pete Wisdom, and is thrilled when they go out on a date and get attacked by some hooligans who's had a bit too much to drink. She kicks their arses while Pete watches admiringly on the sideline. If her friends whould let her, she would probably live in the computer room.

    Jubilee Jubilee {Mae Wong}

    full name: Jubilation Lee
    age: 17
    mutant: Paf
    comments: Jubilee has a very bubbly personality, but can occasionally go dark and broody. She was orphaned when she was twelve and was sent to a foster home, which she ran away from. She spent a year living more or less in the malls, then her powers manifested at the same time as she saw Dr. Grey, Miss Munroe, Ali and Liz using their powers to kick some butt. She sort of followed them home and stayed. The Xavier's school is now her legal guardian. She has a tendency to run off at times and get returned to the school by various government officials, telling tales involving fish, nuns and phoneboots. She currently has a crush on one of the new guys at school, Everett Thomas. Lately Logan has been teaching her self-defence (his type, not Scott's).

    Rahne Rahne {Rebecka Liljedahl}

    full name: Rahne Sinclair
    age: 17
    mutant: Werewolf
    comments: Rahne is cute, shy and insecure. She was raised by a fanatical revered who believed that mutants were the devil's acconplishes, but was adopted by Moira MacTaggert (whom she calls Lady Moira) when she was eight. She joined the school only a month before Alex started working there, and Warren Worthington III is her 'big brother'. She is very religious, and, after the initial shock at seeing how he looked, has become good friends with Kurt Wagner. She likes overalls a whole lot. She likes Alex, but doesn't know quite how to handle the fact that he's gay. Really, really doesn't like Sharon 'Catseye' Smith whom she's had a couple of run ins with.

    Pete Pete {Hans Matheson}

    full name: Peter Wisdom
    age: 20
    mutant: Hotknives
    comments: Pete became the 'king' of the Smog the second he sat his foot at the school grounds. Not only is he older than most of the students, but he also manages to have a shady past despite being only twenty. He's madly in love with four years younger Kitty Pryde. He's from London and has a sister, Romany, who tends to call him at regular intervals to bug him about something or another. Isn't entirely thrilled over the fact that he needs help to manage his hotknives. He's minoring in Criminal Psychology and International Law. Teaches self-defence to the little ones, even though he doesn't like it.

    Liz Liz {Summer Glau}

    full name: Elizabeth Braddock
    age: 17
    mutant: Telepath
    comments: Liz is Brian Braddock's adopted sister who happens to have the exact same birth date and time, and has always been called Brian's twin sister. She joined Xavier's when she was eleven and her powers starter emerging. She is one of the founding members of the Smog. She plays the drums in r u n a w a y

    Ali Ali {Allison Mack}

    full name: Alison Blaire
    age: 17
    mutant: Transmutes sound into light
    comments: Ali joined the school around the time Liz did and they immidiatelly bonded and became best friends. She has been dating Remy LeBeau for almost a year now, and she's quite fond of him. She likes attention and is in some degrees an exibishionist, which is perhaps what makes her such a good performer. She's one of the singers in r u n a w a y (the other one being Josh Guthrie). Thinks that Sith Lords Kick Ass and has a dozen t-shirts to back it up.

    Warren Warren {Tom Felton}

    full name: Warren Kenneth Worthington III
    age: 17
    mutant: Wings
    comments: Warren was one of the very first to join the school. Actually he and Bobby Drake joined around the same time. He's been at the school since he was ten and knows all about the non-school activities that take place in the basement. Founding member of the High'n'Mightys, son of Warren Worthington jr and heir of a fortune. Wants to be a superhero and help people, but that's not exactly something he says out loud. A teenage playboy, and Rahne Sinclair's 'Big Brother'.

    Rogue Rogue {Anna Paquin}

    full name: Marie
    age: 18
    mutant: Absorbs other people's life force thingy, and mutants powers
    comments: Rogue meets Alex when she bumps into him at the train and leaves him with a mild headache. She reappears at irregular intervals, often by Logan's side.

    Logan Logan {Hugh Jackman}

    full name: Logan
    mutant: Healing factor and schtuff
    comments: makes brief appearences by Rogue's and Bobby's side. Doesn't have a whole lot of patience with Izzy. Galynne thinks he smells wrong.

    Ororo Ororo {Halle Berry}

    full name: Ororo Munroe
    comments: The only one of the faculty Alex has any contact with during the story. Hired Alex to make a webpage for the school. Is Remy's sponsor.

    r u n a w a y
    Ali Blaire - vocal
    Josh Guthrie - vocal
    Evan Starsmore - guitar
    Remy LeBeau - keyboard/piano
    Liz Braddock - drums
    Lance Shot - guitar

    t h e _ s m o g
    Pete Wisdom
    J. Evan Starsmore
    Ali Blaire
    Remy LeBeau
    Liz Braddock
    Angelo Espinosa
    Lance Shot

    n i c e _ g u y s
    St. John Allerdyce
    Bobby Drake
    Jubilee Lee
    Kitty Pryde

    P I C t u r e s _ n i c k e d _ f r o m:
    All over, basically. The Galynne picture is nicked from I Only Have Eyes For You