The X-Men: Ice and Fire


Cauterize by Sarah T. John, Erik, Scott, Charles, Bobby. John and Erik comes to the Mansion to help rebuild Cerebro. story on lj

Acquiesce by Pablo. Bobby likes honesty... so the next time he sees John, he tells him he wants to fuck him. Sequel is Sunrise/Sunset

An Idiot or Just Stupid by SerialKarma. John and Bobby didn't have a date... at least Bobby didn't think they did.

Chele Kodesh by Chloe. "They were living in New York City." John, Bobby, Erik.

Enemy Lines by dirty diana. Bobby trusts the train to Albany.

Chess, Chicken, and Global Domination by Captnobvious. Bobby, John. In the not-too-distant future, when mutants roam the planet, and Chik-fil-A can easily be found in upstate New York, two boys deal with friendship, loss, and Hasbro's newest favorite game.

Zippo in Hand by Lassiter. John at twelve as his powers emerge. It's cute. In a John-ish sort of way. *g*

Still-Waking Sleep by Mary Borsellino. He can be St. John and he can be Pyro.

The Xavier Mansion Diaries Series by Troll Princess. In other news, took a peek into Erik's head and found out he's sent minion on wild goose chase for mutant to use in nefarious plan. Knowing Erik, mysterious mutant either broody, sexy boy toy or reject from Cartoon Network rerun. Can only hope for the latter, as between Scott and John, have more than the mansion's quota of the former.

Overture by wax jism.

Fundamental Difference of Experience by Kuria Dalmatia. John/Bobby. Pre-slash. St. John's been fucked over a lot in his life and he doesn't quite trust that Xavier's isn't going to do the same. Bobby's bruised and battered and trying to be good, and he's not that much better off, really.

Sunday Worship by Kuria Dalmatia. John/Bobby. Porn with plot, sort of. Hot and angsty if you read between the lines (which is of course where all the fun lies).

the Iceman Cometh: A Pyromaniac's Lovestory by Zahra. John came back.