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Adopted from the CFAN Adoption Agency name: Remy LeBeau
suggested middle name: Etienne
age: Marvel says: Late teens/early twenties
age: I say: Anywhere inbetween 30 and 36
hair: Redish brown
eyes: Red on black
married: Was married to Belladonna Boudreaux, but then she died, so he probably isn't any more. But he could be. Hard to tell. He married her when he was real young. Seventeen or something.
family: Has a fairly big adopted one, but has no idea when it comes to his biological one. His adoptive father made sure all hospital records concerning Remy was destroyed. adoptive father: Jean Luc LeBeau. adoptive brother: Henri LeBeau, dead. sister-in-law: Mercy LeBeay, fifty-something-looks-twenty. cousin: Emil Lapin. (ex)wife: Belladonna Boudreaux. (ex)father-in-law: Marius Boudreaux, dead. (ex)brother-in-law: Julien Boudreaux, dead.
kids: Well, he hasn't got any in the 'real' timeline (yet), but in 'Mutant X', he's got a daughter with Belle named Raven, and way into a future that's probably invalid by now, he raised Bishop and Shard as the Witness
best friends: Jacob Gavin jr and Ororo Munroe. Remy spent most of the 'Gambit' series either bickering or flirting with Jake. Sometimes both. 'Roro has possibly been promoted to honorary sister
not particulary fond of: Nathaniel Essex aka Mr. Sinister, Victor Creed aka Sabretooth, the New Sun (but Remy killed him, so...)
people not particulary fond of Remy: Theoren Marceaux ('cause of his little brother which apparently died while he and Remy were on a heist or some such), Gris Gris

Adopted from the CFAN Adoption Agency name: Robert L. Drake
just called: Bobby
suggested middle name: Linus
age: Marvel says: Late teens/early twenties
age: I say: 26 - 28
hair: Brown. Though some claim it's blond. I say it's either light brown or dark blond
eyes: Again, brown, though blue has a large following as well
married: No. Not particulary lucky with the dames, our boy here. fanon reason: He's gay. Duh. canon reason: ...Um. No luck in love?
family: father: William Drake. mother: Madeline Bass Drake
kids: Not even in alternate worlds, as far as I know. Though he does have some in fanon. Vicky comes to mind...
best friend: Henry McCoy

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